Zespół Szkół in Tłuszcz for English speaking visitors

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Types of school:
  • Secondary school
    • General class
    • Computer science class
  • Commercialy oriented seconadry school
    • Administrative and commercial class
  • Technical secondary school
    • Car mechanic
  • Vocational school
    • Car mechanic
    • Multi-professional class

The school buildings

The school is situated in a modern building opened in 2002. Direct neighbourhood of the railway station offers our students very good commuting connections. Spacious, light rooms guarantee good conditions for the single-shift teaching process; moreover, good technical equipment enables classroom settings work together with extracurricular lessons:

  • the full-size gymnasium and playfields serve our students in running the standard PE educational process and are the basis for training the members of the local sports club "Bóbr" ("Beaver"),
  • the two Computer Science classrooms connected to the net enhance the teaching process for computer science oriented classes and also enable to perform various activities in the internet common room,
  • on the basis of the modern school garage and licensed diagnostic station the school unit provides students with teaching and practising the profession of car mechanic on two level courses; basic and advanced,
  • the multimedia classroom, the driver training ground, experienced instructors, four new training cars - these are the features of the Wołomin County biggest training driver centre,
  • cooperation with the Chamber of Crafts, the Guild of Crafts and with numerous workshops and companies guarantees the basis for the teaching processes in multi-professional classes,
  • we have signed the contract with a similar vocational school in Düsseldorf, Germany, for exchanging students,
  • we have a new classroom for teaching foreign languages.

School workshop

The school workshop is equipped with technical base enabling the following services:
  • Metalworking
  • Carpentry and woodwork
  • Car repairs
  • Car diagnostics
The diagnostic car station offers testing the following types of vehicles:
  • motorbikes
  • lorries, trucks and vans
  • tractors
  • cars with LPG installation
The car service station offers
  • current services and major overhauls
  • testing of shock absorbers
  • steering mechanism testing and adjusting
  • tyre vulcanization
  • LPG installation and service

Localisation of Tłuszcz

Tłuszcz lies on the river of Cienka and is situated in the Wołomin County and borders with the following districts: Klembów, Strachówka, Jadów, Zabrodzie, D±brówka, and Po¶więtne. There is an important railway junction connecting Warsaw, Białystok, Łomża and Ostrołęka. Distances: Warsaw - 47km, Ostrołęka - 90km, Łochów - 24km.

Territorial coverage

Our students recruit from the areas limited to the following localities: Radzymin, Łochów, Po¶wietne, Zielonka, and Strachówka. 90% of our students are the dwellers of the county of Wołomin, over 80% commute covering the distances of 2 to 50 kilometers.

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